Looking for an elegant pool, exquisitely finished, and for a really affordable price? Here at Orinoco Pools you are at the right place!

Our pools are made from Gunite, an especially adequate material composed mainly of marble powder. It allows quick construction, has the solidity of stone and an unmatched elegance. Moreover, Gunite is the most resistant and water impermeable material offered for pools.

At Orinoco you´ll find all assistance you may need for your pool’s design. There are no limits of shape or style. Just imagine how you want it, we shall work it out!

Your Orinoco pool will not require chemical products for hygiene and crystal water clearance. It has the unique Kristal Klear system, which assures you and your family healthy bathing fun, at practically no expenses for any water additive.

Besides, all the equipment we build into the pools excels in quality, offering you a problem free enjoyment of your pool. You may also take advantage of our team of specialist to help you in all matters that relate to your pool.


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