Crystal water

Our singular Kristal Klear chlorination system eradicates the displeasure generated by the use of chlorine for disinfection. No more irritated eyes, dry skin, or that bad smell after a swim. We use salt, in a so low proportion that you will not even notice it. (We apply 0.4%, which is half of the salt concentration in the human tear. Ocean water, on the other hand, has a salt content as high as 3.5%). Therefore the water of our pools feels very soft on the skin and hair, and does not irritate your senses, so that bathing becomes only pleasure.

The Chlorinator, a small device placed next to the pool pump in the technical room, decomposes by electrolysis the common salt (Na Cl) in natural chlorine, always just in the proportion needed. Beside the quality advantages of this self produced natural chlorine there is a solid economical plus: maintenance expenses are 90% lower than in a traditional pool.
Another advantage of our system is that salty water does not freeze easily, so it is perfectly possible to keep the pool clear all year long.

You will have crystal clear water, absolutely hygienic, and with a shine chemicals cannot provide. Health, ecology and beauty combine when you choose our chlorination system.


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